RFQ-ToolKit Customer Bid

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RFQ-ToolKit Customer Bid Plugin enables your customers to make an offer on the cart while submitting their quote requests. It requires our free plugin RFQ-ToolKit.  It also enables to set per product min / max quantity quantity rules for quote requests. Additionally, you can designate a product as an exclusive item which means the product can be the only item in the cart for quote requests. Exclusive items allow you to compare your customers bids for the same product. You can choose to apply these features for specific periods of time by providing start and end dates. This is a powerful extension to RFQ-ToolKit.

RFQ-ToolKit Customer Bid For WooCommerce


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RFQ-ToolKit Customer Bid

How about letting your customer make an offer to you when they request a quote?

If you are going to negotiate with your customer, why not let them make an offer to you at the beginning? If the request is for unusual quantity or if the item is more of a service, then letting the customer make an offer makes sense. How about if you are selling used or rare items?

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RFQ-ToolKit Customer Bid is a uniquely designed plugin to be flexible for real world situations.

Here are the major features of this plugin:

  • Allow Customers to submit an offer along with their quote requests.
  • Optionally make the bid required field.
  • Set per product min / max quantity rules for quote requests.
  • By combining the exclusive item feature with a named period with start / end dates, you can create “mini-auctions”.

If quantity is the basis of negotiation, sometimes you need to set specify the required min/max quantities. RFQ-ToolKit Customer Bid lets you do that easily.

If you need to collect and compare bids on one specific item, this is the plugin for you. You can specify an item as exclusive which means it can be the only item in the quote request.

You can limit the application of the rules by specifying a period by providing start and end dates (similar to specifying a sales period). You can also label the period for easy sorting in the orders screen.

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