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Automating the proposal process in RFQ-ToolKit For WooCommerce

You can automate some of the proposal writing process in RFQ-ToolKit, by using the WordPress actions as in the examples below:

1: Content before the main proposal such as greetings

function gpls_woo_rfqtk_proposal_before_link($order, $sent_to_admin, $plain_text){
$order =WC_Order_Factory::get_order($order->get_id());
$cutomer_name = $order->get_shipping_first_name();
printf( __( 'Hello %s', 'rfqtk' ) , $cutomer_name.',' );

2: Content after the main proposal such as your signature or call to action

function gpls_woo_rfqtk_after_proposal_link($order, $sent_to_admin, $plain_text){
printf( __( 'To accept this offer, please click this link.: %s',
'rfqtk' ),'' . __('Confirm','rfqtk') . '.' );

Add the code sections above to your functions.php in your theme and every proposal email will include the above content.


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