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Automating the proposal process in NP Quote Request WooCommerce Plus

You can automate some of the proposal writing process in NP Quote Request WooCommerce Plus, by using the WordPress actions as in the examples below:

1: Content before the main proposal such as greetings

function gpls_woo_rfqtk_proposal_before_link($order, $sent_to_admin, $plain_text){
$order =WC_Order_Factory::get_order($order->get_id());
$cutomer_name = $order->get_shipping_first_name();
printf( __( 'Hello %s', 'rfqtk' ) , $cutomer_name.',' );

2: Content after the main proposal such as your signature or call to action

function gpls_woo_rfqtk_after_proposal_link($order, $sent_to_admin, $plain_text){
printf( __( 'To accept this offer, please click this link.: %s',
'rfqtk' ),'' . __('Confirm','rfqtk') . '.' );

Add the code sections above to your functions.php in your theme and every proposal email will include the above content.

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