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    I am using RFQ plugin who only supports ninja form but ninja form is not working correctly there as it is only sending few fields in database. https://prnt.sc/jozjp3 . I am using file uploads which is paid option but it is not saving the data with orders as well as I have checked that ninja forms are not even using “multitype” in forms which supports images . So can you please help me for this as I am in trouble using this form.


    Neah Plugins


    Sorry you are having problems. I want to understand the situtation a little better since I don’t think I fully understand the problem.

    I see you purchased the File Upload extension. That extension is for file uploads(without Ninja Forms) at checkout or at product level only. It does not use or support Ninja Forms for uploads. In fact, It does not provide any support for Ninja Forms. The screenshot you have is for this Plus extension here: Plus.

    Also, as you see in the screenshot, Plus only supports standard controls of Ninja Forms. It does not support file upload which is not a standard Ninja Form field.

    • Are you trying to use Ninja Form to upload files?
    • Are you trying to user Ninja Forms just to fill out forms other than uploading files?
    • Where is that screen shot from. Are you using the Plus version?










    Yes I am using ninja form to upload files and even ninja theirself suggest me to use file uplaod paid exetnsion https://prnt.sc/jpj3fa

    Yes I need to send some attachment so I purchased this paid ninja file uplaod plugin

    Yes I am using plus version as well but I don’t think its working fine as its different in documentation https://prnt.sc/jpj5oc

    Actually I need to send some data as well attachment by quote form which will be saved with orders as your plugin do but its not working … I am not getting all the info in order just few fileds… So please help and let em know how can I send attachment as well as my all data from ninja form and saved with orders ?


    Neah Plugins

    Ok. Does the Ninja Form work without the upload? Does it capture all the fields if there is no upload?



    yes…I have just checked with simple text and textarea field and those are saving data with orders ..


    Neah Plugins


    You have bought the our file upload. Have you tried using that for the upload? Is the upload only at checkout or is it per product?

    The problem is the Ninja Form upload in the form. As it says in the documenation:

    “Add custom fields to your checkout page using a Ninja Form.Compatible with Ninja Forms version 3.0.
    Supports standard fields included with Ninja Forms 3.0. Note: The form is only used to capture data entered by the users for the quote request. Ninja Form Actions are not triggered.

    A submit button is required to be included in the form.
    “CUSTOM NAME ATTRIBUTE” must be blank. Ninja Form sometimes(e.g city, zip) adds a value to “CUSTOM NAME   ATTRIBUTE” when you add a field. Please blank out that value. This is found in the ADVANCED section of the field settings.
    Plugin saves the values entered by the user in the order.”



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