RFQ-ToolKit Plus For WooCommerce

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Swiss Army Knife of Quote Request for WooCommerce!

This is an extension to our free plugin RFQ-ToolKit. It provides many more features and customization to the basic plugin.


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Swiss Army Knife of Quote Request for WooCommerce!

RFQ-ToolKit (Formerly Woo-RFQ) is an easy to configure plugin that turns your WooCommerce shopping cart into an RFQ system.It can be easily adjusted it to suit your quoting needs. This is an extension to our free plugin RFQ-ToolKit, quote request for WooCommerce.

Please Download Free Version and try the free version since it is a pre-requisite for this plugin. RFQ-ToolKit Plus is the premium version that adds more features and customization options to the basic version.


  • Customize the quote request page for normal checkout.
  • Shop manager can write a proposal to the customer in the quote request, optionally include a link to “pay” and link to “respond” and save the order status as “Quote Sent”. This triggers an email, notifying the customer of the quote along with the proposal. Customer can respond to the proposal and add a response(note) which notifies the shop manager.

 RFQ ToolKit Plus Part One


  • Order status report in dashboard for “Quote Requests” and “Quotes Sent”. You can customize the labels for the custom statuses in the RFQ-ToolKit settings page.
  • Quote cart widget in the normal check.
  • Change the “reply to” in emails to admin to be the customer’s email.
  • Include additional product attributes and custom fields to be included in quote cart, in the order and the emails.
  • Customize color, background color and mouse effects of the quote button.
  • Add to quote short code.
  • Add custom fields to your checkout page using a Ninja Form.

Compatible with Ninja Forms version 3.0.

Supports standard fields included with Ninja Forms 3.0.

Do not include a submit button or any disabled fields in your Ninja form.

To make fields required, enter “required” (without quotes) in “field->display->element”.

Plugin saves the values entered by the user in the order.

  • Add custom HTML content to the top and bottom of the quote request page.
  • Designate additional fields as required for visitors such as phone,zip,state etc.
  • Choose to allow create an account or disable.
  • In “RFQ Checkout” , allow customer to pay now or submit a quote request at Checkout. Allows either “Checkout or Request quote” for the entire cart.
  • RFQ Enable or disable all products in bulk. Useful if you use the “normal checkout” and have a lot of products.
  • Support for bundled products in normal checkout. Basic version supports simple and variable products.
  • Send custom content with the confirmation and proposal email. Customize the content even further based on each product.

 RFQ ToolKit Plus Part Two: Email, Content Marketing & Dashboard

 RFQ ToolKit Plus Part 3: Custom Form


  • As a customer you will have access to our prioritized product support.

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