What Can RFQ-4Woo Do For You?

1- Hide/Show all the prices and choose RFQ as an option in the WOO-RFQ section of WooCommerce settings. All the items in the cart are saved after the checkout as an order with RFQ status. You can then adjust the prices and turn the order to a pending stauts to allow payment by the customer.

2- Choose normal checkout in the Woo-RFQ setting and enable RFQ on selected products. This is the default setting that can be changed. Quote requests are added to the RFQ cart and when submitted are saved as an order with an RFQ status.

3-Hide prices only for visitors. Show prices only to logged-in users.

You can show/hide prices from the RFQ tab in WooCommerce settings. Prices are shown by default. Woo-RFQ allows your customers to add items to the cart like they normally would and submit the cart as an RFQ.