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WooCommerce-QuickBooks Desktop Connector – Sales Tax Mapping

Sales Tax Mapping in WooCommerce-QuickBooks Desktop Connector by Neah Plugins

All taxes are calculated on the web site based on WooCommerce tax setup and posted to QuickBooks as line items in sales receipts or sales orders. Sales tax groups are not supported and sales tax rates from the website must be mapped to QB sales tax rates that are not included in sales tax groups. Sales tax rates included in the sales tax groups must be set to zero or renamed and re-created outside of the sales tax group to prevent double counting- tax is already added in the body of the order/receipt as a line item.

The sales tax mapping section is where you map the sales tax rates and codes for your site to what you have in QuickBooks .

        • All sales tax items are posted as line items in the body of the sales order or sales receipt as opposed to a total at the bottom singly or in a sales tax group.
          • Any sales tax code used on the web site must be mapped to a sales tax in QB.
          • Process is as follows:
            1. Map your WooCommerce tax “classes” to zero/exempt tax “codes” in QuickBooks.
            2. Map WooCommerce tax “rates” to your QuickBooks “rates” that are not in a sales tax group.
            3. When you run the QuickBooks connector, tax items will post as line items in the body of sales tax receipt or sales order in QuickBooks.


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